Process Safety IOT


Xplotec is at the forefront of utilizing IOT (or Internet of Things) Technology for Process Safety applications.  From a customized series of i-PSM Apps to automate and organize PSM data resources and responsibilities to a series of smart sensors which communicate realtime process information to the Apps which can be used for customized alarms, notices, or other diagnostic logic tasks to support process safety and efficiency.  The end result being a new realm of process safety improvements that also delivers more process efficiency opportunities for improved profit, savings, and/or cost avoidance benefits. 


Doing PSM right usually means bringing change to the process operation.  Change can be good... sometimes very good.  Often, larger companies have extensive PLC/ control systems, but smaller companies or those using very unique customized processes may have more antiquated controls which are far from being RAGAGEP compliant.  


Today, IOT technology offers a new industrial alternative to the more conventional “rack and stack” PLC systems and Xplotec's i-PSM’s IOT alternatives can utilize process sensors and data acquisition systems to give you a new world of options available to use the data wherever and however you need it.  i-PSM's IOT can deliver a highly customizable capacity for developing new process monitoring and controls interfaces for you to innovate and invent your own process tools for the future that may not even exist as yet.


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