Process Safety Management (PSM) &
Process Engineering

Xplotec specializes in developing process safety systems to help their customers rapidly get to where they want to be in terms of PSM compliance. From small companies that need to 'catch up' their PSM programs to ... larger companies that need new process safety solutions to persistent old problems, Xplotec exceeds expectations and delivers positive change and progress.

Process Safety IOT* (Internet of Things) & 
Technology Development

Having PSM information available is one thing, having it usable is another.  Xplotec’s approach allows you to rapidly access the exact information you need when you need it. Delivering tomorrow's PSM today, Xplotec has got process safety IOT covered.

We've Got IOT Covered
Problem Remediation & Solution Contracting

Xplotec designs and builds solutions for its client's problems. Xplotec’s contracting experience has ranged from environmental remediation projects to waste treatment and explosive materials treatment systems.  Likewise, Xplotec has designed, fabricated and installed a variety of equipment in support of manufacturing, mining, petrochemical, and other customers.



Xplotec Principal, Troy Oliver has over 30 years

of professional career experience in the process

safety engineering field with an emphasis upon

developing and utilizing technology-based solutions to overcome challenging problems.   Oliver's strengths concentrate upon assessing problems and devising out-of-the-box solutions which often deliver unexpected opportunities to our customers.


Oliver’s work experience background has included process safety management, process development, remediation contracting, environmental consulting, and technology development.  


Xplotec’s clients have ranged from small companies that want to rapidly achieve and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements ... to multi-billion dollar international corporations desiring customized solutions to long-term problems.  We can help you navigate the best route between where you are… to where you want to be and bring a new level of innovation and imagination-driven technology to your operations.



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